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Lisa Eitel, Senior Editor of Design World and, has written the Linear Motion Tips Guide. This guide reviews trending topics in linear motion including an overview of positioning stages and gantries as well as Cartesian setups that compete against robotic designs. Here you'll find information about how actuators assemble into these higher-level systems for specific applications. Additionally, learn about technology trends that are changing how these integrated setups go together.

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Lisa (Elisabeth) is the Senior Editor of Design World and She has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and 16 years of experience as a technical writer. Her areas of focus include motors, drives, motion control, power transmission, linear motion, and sensing and feedback technologies.

Lisa Eitel - Senior Editor, Linear Motion Tips

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A review of new classes for long-travel stages

Linear Motion Tips Editor Lisa Eitel...

has assembled a summary of information on linear motion positioning stages, integration, and programming. Design Guide topics include:

Linear motion in the third industrial revolution

Application examples for positioning stages

Basics of positioning-stage subcomponents

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